What if

This is a beautiful poem penned by Shubhangi Bhatia (

What if we were still friends who only spoke occasionally
Not lovers who were not meant to be

What if I’d never got goosebumps when we first met
No blood rush inside, no jumping butterflies

What if we didn’t tie our strings so strong
So I could blame the fate with cheating for so long

What if I wasn’t so blind and naïve
To be pulled into your promise so feign

What if I’d never noticed your little smile and the sparkling eyes
And rather payed attention on my doubts and your lies

What if my heart had not believed you to be my yesterday and everyday since
Because you weren’t the staying type and I never wanted to leave

What if there was nothing like a forever
To give me false hopes of my unrequited dreams

What if I told you I knew all your lies
Long before they rolled off your tongue like fake ties

What if you knew that I think about you still
But then, it’s no less than a disturbing chill.