The North

The North
The North you are,
The king of capitalism,
Once the home where,
My heart had a place.
Directions may be many,
But for me you ain’t like any.
Even if I don’t see you for months,
Years after years you grow within,
What’s the last role you will play!
You ain’t just a zero while I walk,
Towards you I see what lies.
Within the limits of your lap.

– Sumeet Gulabani

Fight Within

We need to stop calling the year 2020 a bad year and need to realize and address the bigger issue at hand. It’s surprising how overlooked mental health is. We not only forget to ask others if something is bothering them, we forget ourselves as well. This needs to be prioritised. Not just today, not just tomorrow.
Not just after another suicide.

Therapy needs to be seen as just as cool and just as important as going to the gym. You go to the gym for physical health. You go to therapy for mental health and that can happen only if you and I talk about therapy, go for it, take pictures, post it and show off ourselves after feeling better.

To everyone posting about how you’re are open for conversations in case someone wants to open up to you ; please do it only if you’re emotionally prepared to actually listen and provide emotional support. Most of us aren’t and that’s fine. It takes a lot of effort, time, energy and patience. But don’t ask people to open up to you and then shirk them off. That is counterproductive and can be very triggering.

We’ve lost too many and too much to this.
This one is for Sushant to rest and for us to stir. Wake up and talk, will you?

Description is written by my friend Krishika Shewani (@krishikashewani)

Harmione Granger

Indigos are the people that came here to revolutionize the world, with their own way. Their sense of individuality are usually very strong. These people are not afraid of anything, as long as they know they are on their path.

Thanks to beautiful people to be enthusiasts and do the brainstorming along with me, Pradnya & Preeti. 🤗 You can check their profiles on my Instagram. I have tagged them in the post as well.

Instagram :- Indigo Witch (Poem)

What it is like to just live and die?

This poem is more than money, work, 9to5 jobs and what not!

The idea behind this poem was to write about not just living and passing days. What we don’t understand is how we take birth with a purpose in our life, which is beyond money and anything else. This poem is about that! The purpose of life, finding a better reason to live by everyday. What is your purpose of life? 😁

Are we all dust particles?

So when I wrote this I was thinking how people are just like a dust particle. So sensitive and always worried about something which they won’t even carry in their graves. So here is my two cents. Please let me know if you can relate with it. Comment, like and follow! 😁