Dull Skin

मारने से पहले जी लेने दो मुझे। थिस इस हाउ यू रोल। That dullness in skin and unkempt beard is what I think as the best version of myself. The kind of days I am having I tell you! I am being active with my workouts and working day and night. मेहनत इस रियाल। Mind you! Pyajamas are more forgiving than your judgements! 😁


Didn’t know how time fly! I wasn’t posting about my grandmother’s demise at first. I know that this post won’t even reach her, and nobody will be as sorry as me for this. This year seems to be all about losing people. I know that the depth of sorrow is so deep that tears won’t make it up for this. Exactly ten years after my grandfather’s demise, here she is. Said goodbye to all of us with all the blessings she had to give all her life. I remember how she was the only person to stay up any time of the day when I wanted to talk to someone. It is not today that I think like this but even when she was around I used to think that who will save me from all the scolding of my parents? When you lose someone you realize what was the importance of having that bond in your life. I am short of words but I wanted to share that this is what you mean to me if you are my family. 😊
And lastly, keeping her in my Daimokus. .


I don’t know why it is so important to write captions? For me it is just everything that I do with all my heart is important. Be it a joyride or a rikshaw ride. Started this year with zero savings and my business (@artgrailofficial) having a major downfall since then. There are some really good friends who motivated me with saying “Sumeet, I know tujhe kaam bohot bada karna hai but you have to start it from a scratch.” says (@jayeshchanglani). So glad to have people like him around me. So after months of working I can see myself somewhere now. All my trips to North India and South India. It were all good lessons to – begin safe, enjoy your time, take your time and never hesitate to start from a scratch. Wrapping it up here for today. .

Cigarette Girl

There sits a girl infront of me,
Lits a cig as if apprehended for a sin.
With that charm in her skin,
She has taken away my attention.
Never did I ignore my coffee but today,
It seems the definition lies right here.
For what is all this self-destruction?
As if no one gave a fuck about her.
Whereas a poem has been written for her,
And she will never read this. .

© Sumeet Gulabani

Back Seat

If it was all like a melody,
But it will be just a dream.
Every single night it is just me,
Back seat with one side empty.
How walking away can erase me?
While nostalgia is all within me.
Take yourself for joyrides,
I will still be,
In the dungeon of your memories. .

© Sumeet Gulabani


If there is a story to tell,
Do tell, since I am here now.
Shall we begin with your story?
An expresso between a couple,
What could be more close!
Tids and bits of lost days,
Here, I look from angles now,
Did you tell him about me?
The predictor of predators.
The one who loves beyond.

© Sumeet Gulabani